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Our Mission

Front Street Concerts is a medium capacity, live music venue. We are not a business. We have a space and want to see it used. We invite musicians, artists and friends to come together to share in the unique event known as a "house concert." Our concerts are held several times a year in either the house or the barn.


Our unique setting of house, barn (with stage, lighting, sound system), and decks as well as a large, open yard, and plenty of parking provides many types of concert options.


Cooking is also a passion of ours so almost all of our events include full a full meal.


We are committed to providing a quality venue for both performers and audience alike. We want our events to be supportive of musicians, offer them an opportunity to share their music, generate new fans and entertain their old ones.


Performers can expect to be treated respectfully, provided with a hassle-free gig and with a good audience. Our events enjoy a good mix of returning people and new.


We believe that great music is all around us and that there is nothing as wonderful as live music in an intimate setting. That is certainly true at our concerts.


All donations go directly to the performers. We assume all event related expenses (rentals, staff help, food etc.) ourselves.


- Jerry and Binki De Collibus

How we roll_ Jerry working hard

Sadly, we are canceling all shows for Front Street Concerts 2021. Musicians have been alerted. Refunds have been issued. 

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