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A house concert offers music fans a comfortable, intimate venue where they can relax, listen, and interact with performers without the hassle of going to a club or bar. 


Front Street Concerts provides a quality venue and experience for both performers and audience alike. We are not a business but we have a versatile space and we wish to see it used for the benefit of musicians, artists, neighbors, and friends to gather for a memorable evening.


It is common that hosts will suggest a donation from attendees. At Front Street Concerts, 100% of donations go directly to the artist.


Our concerts are designed to be supportive of musicians by offering them a unique opportunity to share their music, entertain their longtime fans, and generate new ones.


At most of our concerts a full meal is included with your donation! Simply bring your beverage of choice. 

Sadly, we are canceling all shows for Front Street Concerts 2021. Musicians have been alerted. Refunds have been issued. 

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