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RSVP: To RSVP to a show, please email with the performer and the date in the subject. This will ensure you are on the email list for the show.


Once you RSVP, you will also have to Venmo @Louisa-DeCollibus to secure your spot!

PAYMENTS: We are now only securing RSVPs with Venmo payment. By using Venmo we are able to take in and get money quickly and if a cancellation, refund it just as quickly, plus getting it to the performer right away..

MERCH: Performers usually have merchandise for sale. They may take credit/cash/Vemno ,so consider that when planning.

DISTANCING: For now we will be doing events at a reduced capacity.  So that limits spots for shows. Make your plans soon as events will fill quickly !

FOOD: Most of our shows include some food but all shows are BYOB. We try to alert you to ingredients in signage, All the food is prepared here, by us.   If you have a concern,  please ask but it is a home kitchen and therefore you have to assume cross contamination in a general way. If you truly have a life threatening allergy , it is better to bring your own food. We will not have the communal ice, water, or bottle tables as we used to have so plan for that. 

CHECKING VAX STATUS: Thank you to all who have sent  your shot information. Wherever possible, it has been deleted or if not, blacked out and sent back to you to show you. Once it is confirmed , you will never be asked again.

CONTACTING: Everyone who has RSVPd for a show is on an email list for THAT show. They will be receiving "concert specific" information for their show the night before the event.  It is an email with all updates for your, parking, menu changes, bathrooms, OR cancellation, if we have to.

PAYMENT AND CANCELLATION POLICY: Your Venmo payment secures your reservation. We use this as a guide to gauge openings and plan for food. We do not refund for shows that take place. Should we have to cancel a show you will be refunded your money within hours or given the option to apply it to a rain date.  It is fine to have someone take your spot as long as they are vaccinated. 

Sadly, we are canceling all shows for Front Street Concerts 2021. Musicians have been alerted. Refunds have been issued. 

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