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Covid Updates

Sadly, we have had to cancel all shows for Front Street Concerts 2021. All the musicians have been alerted and refunds have been issued. 

Things have gotten too risky and while we feel like we have done our best regarding vaccination requirements, safe food handling, creating open space etc...the new variant is making it impossible to plan safely for gathering .


We have offered first booking for next summer to Danielle MiragliaTom BianchiLisa Bastoni (with Sean Staples) and Dennis Brennan. We want to thank them for their understanding and want them to know their shows were full or would be full. They are awesome but Covid is not.


We are very sad about this. Thank you to the ones who got your shots...everyone makes a difference but I guess we need more than that for this ugly variant. Be safe. Keep masking distance and socialize with like minded (vaccinated ) people.


Thank you for supporting live music and what we do here. If we do this ...we will be able to open again next Summer.


We will still do cooking classes for vaccinated people so stay tuned for that.


Thank you also to Scott Damgaard, Susan Cattaneo, Andy Santospago, Paul Hansen, Peter Mulvey, Tim Gearan Music and Lyle Brewer for their fabulous shows. You made this summer wonderful.


Such love for you all.

Sadly, we are canceling all shows for Front Street Concerts 2021. Musicians have been alerted. Refunds have been issued. 

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