Saturday October 10

We are pretty excited to have Sarah coming back for a lawn show . We originally had her booked as a full band show for June but had to cancel due to Covid.. But now she is back and this time as her first Front Street solo show. her bio is extensive and she is a real road warrior playing for years as  at venues and festivals all over the US and Europe. 

This will be a new style "2020"  show that will follow all the MA guidelines for safe outdoor events. To that end for those you have been here before there will be many changes ...but all good so that we CAN make some live music happen.

1. This show will be contactless, distanced, and masked.  RSVPs confirmed with non-refundable ,prepayment only. There is no raindate for this but if it rains and we have to cancel your money will be returned to you right away. 

2. There will a bit of soup and a sweet that will be ready for you to grab (contactless) on the way to your space.  Feel free to bring your own other food and drink. Please take your trash with you (thank you!)


3. A few things to consider when reserving...

A car can have a max of 4 people so we assume these are people you are already closely with or in a pod together. For your safety ...don't use this as time to get close with someone you have not been with regularly...this is a distanced show and a good time can still be had that way. 

4.  We are using the guidelines that the Tupelo Music Hall has wonderfully laid out for their shows. They make sense and they keep everyone happy and safe! To that end, there is no socializing outside your "space". Your safe group is your safe group, if it is 1, 2, 3 or 4. 

5. Guests must remain masked at all times except when eating or drinking. We trust that you will keep that in mind for the safety of those around you and not use that as an excuse to not mask up! 

6. Bathroom option will be posted on Saturday  to those who have reserved. On Friday  there will be a special update going out to those people with all the info they will need. 

7. The barn and house are closed. We will not have chairs or tables out. Please bring whatever makes you comfortable.  This is the warmest day of the week but it cools off pretty quickly so think about dressing for a football game and maybe a cozy throw too. 

8. Lastly, I will alert the Hopkinton Police as well as neighbors as to our event, plans and the guidelines we will be following. Just in case people report a "party" (which these are not) That just sets good faith intent and everyone is in the know. In these times the success of an event is also about perception and knowledge. 

Thanks everyone for making this all a possibility and hopefully now a new way to be  here at Front Street Concerts. 


Front Street Kitchen

 cooking classes and workshops

postponed for now

Previously performing at
Front Street Concerts
Danielle Miraglia
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Laurence Scudder
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Peter Mulvey                       Ralph Rosen
Frankie Velardo                  Yahuba Garcia-Torres
Jeff Allison                          Big Jon Short
Jameson Williams              Matt Borrello
Fred Bement                       Joe Klompus
Josh Kiggans                       Patrick Coman
Paul Dilley                           Justin Meyers
Jim Haggerty                      Marylou Ferrante
Peter Parcek                        Amy Black
Dave DeLuca                       Jim Scoppa
Joshua Fialkoff                   Chris Coyle
Jesse Williams                    Alex Maio
Dave Westner                      Greg Moon
Tim Gearan                         Jenee Halstead
Andrew Kramer                  Susan Cattaneo
Jim Levin                             Amy Fairchild
Lyle Brewer                         Tom Meny
Becky Warren                     Choro Sincapado
Downtown Shimmy          Danielle Williams
Ricardo Borsatto                Carlos Capacho
Brandon H. Allen               Comanchero
Mike Castellana                  Jim Larkin
Todd Battson                       Paige Lind
Chris Anzalone                    Ethan Scott Baird
Jake Bush                            Dan Carp                  
Girls, Guns & Glory           Tyler Morris
Rosey Rosenblatt                 Paul Kochansky
Ella Williams                        Richard Gates
Billy Beard                            Barry Rothman
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